Why choose us?

  1. If you find a better price, talk to us. However, the price stays at a reasonable rate to maintain the living standard of groups of local artisans and the tradition of craft villages.
  2. Free sample costs for products under $20 (retailer), you only just to pay the freight. For higher value samples, we collect the freight cost and a deposit of sample cost. Upon placing a main order, sample cost deposit will be refunded.
  3. For individual resellers and retailers, we suggest you attach a “thank you” card, your logo or sticker or anything make your customer feel more connected with your brands. We support to design and print at the lower fee. 
  4. No matter to small or large buyers, we update your production status in progress of production and before shipping.
  5. To make sure you got products without any damage, we add more bubble warp than stander packaging. Refund immediately or in the next order for any broken products.
  6. The Broken Products Insurance, you will get 4% more straws up to 2000 straws and 2% more of other products (bowls, plates, cups, cutlery sets) up to 200 quantity of products (because of the thickness of these products, it is hard to be broken).
  7. Market update: we keep updating with lasted monthly, quarterly or manually market trends of houseware.

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