How are bamboo straws made?

Every bamboo straw is made from a single piece of “standard” bamboo which is sourced from wild plantations in Thanh Hoa province 

Bamboo grows up to five times faster than most other species of trees, reaching maturity in only the time of three years. It can be harvested after every two years for up to 40 years which makes it completely environmental-friendly and sustainable. 

The bamboo is cut and left to firm up and dry naturally in the sun light for a week before being re-located to the harvest where it is cut down to size. Then the bamboo is crafted into smaller, smoother pieces for bamboo salad bowls or fruit plates.

The bamboo is cut into lengths of 21cm. The straws are individually hand-crafted (smoothen, glaze the outer straw) and then local artisans select straw with standard quality.

Finally, the smaller, smoother bamboo straws (20cm) are taken away to be cleaned by pressurized water flow. Absolutely there is no chemicals or pesticides in any part of our production phase. Each straw is 100% organic and eco-friendly.

Those straws are then left to dry on large hessian rugs in the baking hot sunshine for up to 6 days after being crafted. This process will ensure the humidity and the golden yellow of every single straw.

After being dried completely, those straws are checked, packaged into carton box, ready to be transport to the harbor.

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